Drive Shafts

A drive shaft acts as an intermediate between a driving shaft and driven shaft that are not aligned on the same axis, and transfer running torque smoothly.

A drive shaft has two universal joints, enabling a flexible connection between a driving shaft and driven shaft. Each universal joint (cross bearing) has four rolling bearings, realizing low friction and minimizing torque losses.

Our Products


Features :
The CS Series is optimized to demonstrate the utmost performance in non reversing equipment such as bar/wire rod rolling mills and continuous casting equipment.

A conventional product can be replaced by a smaller CS Series product, which features utmost service life and strength enhanced to the highest possible degree.


Features :
The HW Series is widely used in construction machines and industrial machines. Yoke dimensions are standarized worlwide.

A bearing cup is directly fixed to the yoke. The cross bearings and spline construction are very tightly sealed to each other and are useful in severe environments such as muddy water or dust particles.


Features :
The series is suitable for use under severe conditions, such as in driving rolling mill rolls.

Based on standarized cross bearings, this series can be designed to suit a wide range of dimensions and a wide variety of fitting configurations.


Features :
The U Series is mainly intended for non reversing mills, such as the finishing stand of a hot strip mill.


Features :
The T Series is intended for such applications where telescoping function is required in a small space.

Because one of the cross bearings needs to be hollow to enable the required stroke, this series is applicable in such cases where the swing diameter has a given allowance on either the driving side or driven side.


Features :
The KF Series products have the following features depending on the swing diameter.

Swing diameter : 180 mm or less
The products are suitable for applications where the maximum operating angle is between 18 to 30 degree. They are suited to light load applications. These products are compatible with a wide variety of equipment. In addition they are economical, with the yokes being integrated.

Swing diameter : 225 to 435 mm
The products are suitable for applications where the maximum operating angle is no more than 15 degree. They are suited to medium load applications.
Their yokes can be disassembled, so that their cross bearings can be replaced easily.

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