Catalogues of our products (bearings, oil seal, and drive shaft) in softcopy can be downloaded through links provided below. Hardcopy version is available upon request. Contact us for further assistance.

Online Catalogue

This Online Web Version Rolling Bearing catalog is available to be used to show all the dimensions including the drawing after entering a specific bearing part number.

Moreover, calculating the service life of the bearing can also be done after entering the required information.

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Ball & Roller Bearing (Technical Section)

This part provide general technical information for all type ball and roller bearing, such as structure and types, materials, internal clearance, tolerances, mounting and dismounting, failure types, etc.

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Ball & Roller Bearing (Specification Tables)

This part provides information detail specification all type ball and roller bearings.

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Needle Roller Bearings

Contents :
– History of needle roller bearings
– Applications

Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies
Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings
Heavy-Duty Needle Roller Bearings
Track Rollers
Combined Needle Roller Bearings
Needle Rollers, Accessories

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Koyo Torrington Needle Roller Bearings

This catalog is for the Torrington branded Needle Roller Bearings which JTEKT purchased from Timken.

B : NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS – Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies / Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings / Drawn Cup Roller Clutches / Heavy-Duty Needle Roller Bearings / Track Rollers / Thrust Bearings, Assemblies, Washers / Combined Needle Roller Bearings / Needle Rollers, Accessories,

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Inch Series Tapered Roller Bearings

This is the special catalog for tapered roller bearings containing frequently used series in addition to the products included in the “Ball & Roller Bearings” catalog (CAT.NO.B2001E), for improvement in the contents and easier reference.

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Large Size Ball & Roller Bearings

This catalog provides information on various large size ball and roller bearings for purposes such as steel making equipment, equipment for wind-power generation, civil engineering and construction machinery, and other large industrial machineries.

It contains large size bearings with bore diameter of 100 mm or more.

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Exsev Bearings

Suitable for use in special environments, such as clean room, vacuum, high-temperature, or chemical.

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Ceramic Bearings

Showing the introduction to application examples, features, production process, performance, and product details of ceramic bearing.

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Tapered Roller Bearings for Axle Drive Pinions

Compact & Lightweight, Low-torque, High capacity & High durability.
JTEKT’s TRBs support enhancement of vehicle’s environmental performance.

In automobile axles, various stresses are caused by acceleration, deceleration and cornering forces in a complex manner from all directions. They’re truly a key mechanical part of every vehicle. In response to the demand for ever more advanced bearings that support drive pinions, JTEKT goes one step beyond making proposals.

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The 3rd Generation Ball Hub Units

Hub units are wheel bearings combined with various peripheral parts, which in a single component play a vital role in supporting vehicle motion. JTEKT produces two types, both of which feature high precision and durability: one supports vehicle weight while delivering smooth rotation, ant the other does that as well as assisting in the transmission of the driving force from the engine to the wheel.

Beginning with the consideration of the car’s overall construction to the environmental impact of our manufacturing techniques, JTEKT hub units are built to be lightweight with low rotating friction to enhance fuel efficiency while maintaining the strength and rigidity that ensures optimal driving performance.

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High-performance Product Series For Steel Production/Rolling Equipment

In this catalogue introduce high-performance products (bearings, drive shafts, and oil seals) that contribute to stable operations of steel production equipment.

This catalogue contains two parts: an overall introduction and product introduction.

Products to be introduced include the following:
· Bearings for roll necks
· Drive shafts for rolling mills
· Bearings for backing shafts of cluster mills
· Products for continuous casting machines

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Roll Neck Bearings for Rolling Mill

This bearing is used for rolling mill roll necks.

This catalog includes data about countermeasures for damages particular to this application as well as dimensions tables.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Multi-roll Mill Backup Rolls

This catalog provides information on the handling of the bearings (key points for the disassembling and inspecting of the bearings) as well as actual examples of bearing failures and countermeasures.

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Drive Shaft for Industry

This catalog can widely be used for from drive shaft selection to maintenance. Drive shafts for construction machinery/railway rolling stocks are included in this catalog.

Products line up, handling explanation, technical data that include cases of failures, specifications, etc are shown in this catalog.

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Drive Shafts for Steel Production/Industrial Equipment

This catalog can widely be used for from drive shaft selection to maintenance, products line up, handling explanation cases of failures, technical data that includes selection criteria for each application are shown in this catalog.

Also, specifications and product introduction (phase adjustment, hyper coupling), etc are shown in this catalog.

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Oil Seals & O-Rings

This catalogue includes oil seals, o-rings and back up rings.

Includes dimensional tables, technical explanations and handling information.

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Oil Seal For Steel Production Equipment

This catalogue introduces oil seals that are used in steel production equipment and other information on products used in the following equipment:
· Rolling Mill
· Continuous Casting Machines
· Sintering Machine Pallet Cars and Converter Furnaces

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Koyo Training Manual

This manual provides the knowledge of bearing such as the bearing basics, materials & manufacturing, selection process, tolerances & clearances, lubrication, and troubleshooting problems.

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