JTEKT Corporation (hereinafter JTEKT) has developed a long-life bearing with excellent durability to prevent premature bearing failure under low viscosity oil, which is expected to expand its use as a lubricating oil for automotive reduction gears in the future. In this way, we help to improve the reliability of driveline units in engine and electric vehicles.

1.Background of the development

As one of the measures to improve the fuel and electric power efficiency of automobiles, the use of low-viscosity lubricating oil in the reduction gears of automobiles has been increasing in recent years.
Lowering the viscosity of the lubricant has the advantage of reducing torque by suppressing the stirring resistance of the bearing.

However, if bearings are used under severe conditions, with high loads and high vibrations, they may fail prematurely, so there is an urgent need to develop bearings with high durability against low viscosity oil.

In response, JTEKT focused on bearing materials and heat treatment, and developed a bearing with excellent durability even in low viscosity lubricant oil.

2.Features of the New Product

In this newly developed product, new materials and heat treatment are used for the raceway ring, which have a restraining effect against premature failure.

3.Sales plan

[Start of volume production] Planned in 2025
[Sales target] 50 thousand sets/Month
[Customers] Domestic and global automakers, CVT manufacturers, Electrical unit manufacturers, etc.

4.Production plant

Kameyama Plant, Shikoku Plant, DAIBEA CO., LTD. (JTEKT Group Company)

JTEKT Corporation has newly created a tagline “Key of your operation” for the bearing brand “Koyo”. JTEKT will continue contributing to every industry including automotive manufacturers as an indispensable partner to solve customers’ problems through working with customers and to provide benefits.


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